Aloha for Lahaina: How an Art Auction Raised $14,000 for Local Schools

Aloha for Lahaina: How an Art Auction Raised $14,000 for Local Schools

As a Lahaina-based artist and teacher, I am passionate about supporting my community through art. That’s why I was thrilled to organize and participate in the Aloha for Lahaina Art Auction, a fundraiser organized by J LEVY GALLERY and the Island Art Galleries with support from the Maui Hands Gallery, the Hawaii Department of Education and the Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation.

The auction featured artworks by local artists, students, as well as two of my own pieces, and raised $14,000 for Lahaina schools affected by the wildfires in 2023. 

The auction was held online and in person from November 15 to December 2, 2023. The artworks were displayed at the Island Art Galleries in Waikiki, Honolulu, where visitors could see them in person and place their bids in person, by phone, and online. The auction offered a variety of artworks, showcasing the talent and diversity of Hawaii’s art scene.  I was honored to donate two of my artworks to the auction: Aloha Lahaina and Old Lahaina Town.

Aloha Lahaina
Old Lahaina TownI wanted to capture the beauty and mystery of Hawaiian life, as well as a moment of love and joy for the people of Lahaina. I was delighted to see that both of my artworks sold for more than their estimated value, and that the proceeds went to a good cause.


The Aloha for Lahaina Art Auction was not only a successful fundraiser, but also a meaningful expression of solidarity and resilience. It demonstrated how art can bring people together, inspire hope, and make a difference in times of crisis. I am grateful to everyone who contributed to the auction, especially the Island Art Galleries, who generously co-sponsored the event and provided a platform for local artists. I am also proud of the students who showed their creativity and spirit through their artworks. Thank you so much to the Maui Hands Gallery and their artists for donating to this cause. And thank you to the Hawaii Department of Education and the Hawaii Public Schools Foundation for taking part in this fundraiser.

Mahalo nui loa for reading and supporting Lahaina’s keiki and art community. Aloha!

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